Celebrating Bloomsday in New York City, Symphony Space and Irish Arts Center will present music and performance at Symphony Space on Saturday.

Marking its 31st anniversary, this year’s Bloomsday on Broadway celebrates the theme, “Music in Bloom” and features music and readings on Saturday June 16th at 7pm at Symphony Space (2537 Broadway at 95th Street).

Broadway star David Margulies and acclaimed Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan are among those headlining New York City’s longest-running celebration of the joyous, marathon reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses, curated and organized by Selected Shorts host, Isaiah Sheffer.

The evening will focus on the music of Ulysses, particularly the Sirens episode. The extraordinary first three pages of Sirens, a tapestry of abstract word-sounds that Joyce likened to the sound of an orchestra tuning up for a concert, will be performed by performance artist Adam Harvey

In the final two and one half hours of Bloomsday, award winning Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan will give a complete, uncensored reading of the final Penelope episode, Molly Bloom’s nighttime thoughts leading up to her final, life-affirming words of the novel, “Yes, I said yes I will Yes.”

Tickets start at $15 and can be booked on line at www.symphonyspace.org or by calling (212) 864-5400.

Bloomsday on Broadway will also be streamed live on www.symphonyspace.org

Fionnula Flanagan