Actress Fionnula Flanagan,68, has revealed how she turned to God for hope when he fifteen–year-old granddaughter went missing.

The Dublin-born Los Angeles based actress who appeared recently  in “Lost’ and ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” said that when her granddaughter disappeared she “ thought she must be dead or trapped in some cellar by some terrible killer or some awful torturer.”

“At the time I did a very basic sort of prayer which was to let some kind of courage and goodness prevail and touch her and protect her.”
Flanagan was speaking to Irish television in a series about the meaning of Life hosted by legendary broadcaster Gay Byrne.

“I did ask God for her protection and she showed up unscathed.” She told Byrne.

It turned out she has run away from home with friends to help harvest the marijuana crop in Northern California.

“She didn’t have an excuse,” Flanagan said. “She wanted to live her own life and at 15 you know you know everything.”

Flanagan also spoke about her own battle with alcohol and drugs and credits the AA 12 step program for saving her life.

“The program has been enormously enriching in my life and has given me a way to look at my background,” she said.