Screen hunk Robert Pattinson's meteoric rise to fame has made him question his fans' motives now. At the weekend he told the press he finds it 'repulsive' when they force themselves on him. Are you listening boys and girls? Stay back 300 feet or else be treated to one of his famous withering stares.

The Twilight actor shot to superstardom in by playing heartthrob vampire Edward Cullen in the blockbuster franchise, and has spoken out about how the intense interest in his life makes him deeply uncomfortable.

The star insists he feels the urge to 'scream' when the next round of clueless well-wishers interrupt his day to introduce themselves.

"Being well known is a real burden. If people push themselves on me I find it grueling and repulsive," said Pattinson. "If I even think someone wants to approach me I feel the need to scream, 'What do you want of me'. Then later I think, 'What if this person only wanted to be nice?" he added.

Makes me think about heat and kitchens, personally. But until I've walked a mile in his Prada's I'll hold my tongue.