South London brothers, Oscar and Felix Shepherd who make up the band Everything is Imagined, are choosing social consciousness over technology in the pursuit of happiness.

Following a stellar summer on the United Kingdom festival circuit, Everything Is Imagined perform with Lighting Matches singer/songwriter Tom Grennan on his UK & Ireland tour.

Through their own style of indie rock, electro-pop, and house music, south London brothers Oscar and Felix Shepherd bring a positive sound and message to the stage.

The sibling bandmates are now preparing for the release of their debut single following performances at Bestival, Carfest North & South, Venture Festival, Wheels and Fins Festival, PoloFest and The Big Feastival over the summer.

Having grown up in France - their mother is French and father from Ipswich - Oscar (20) and Felix (18) have written and played music together for the last ten years.

Missing Ireland a lot...we met the nicest people whilst we were in #dublin and #belfast and the Guinness was out of this...

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Inspired by groups and producers such as AC/DC, Calvin Harris, Rudimental and Disclosure, they were brought up on a diet of jazz, dance music, and classic rock.

Since moving to the UK, the brothers have been influenced by the British electronic music scene with Felix focusing on the band’s songwriting and production and Oscar on performance.

Both are multi-instrumentalists – Felix plays drums, guitar, and keys with Oscar on piano and guitar.

But what started as a hobby for the Shepherd brothers soon became a creative partnership with a strong social message at its core.

Oscar Shepherd.

Oscar Shepherd.

“There’s a very positive sound in quite a few of our songs,” says Oscar who credits Judas Priest live in Paris and The Beatles’ “The White Album” among his earliest musical influences.

“They are emotional but happy. It’s about trying to make people feel happier.

“If people can relate to our music and feel that they’re not alone then that’s our mission accomplished.”

Oscar, a final year music student at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, says their songs are designed to be a positive message to a generation of people swamped by the effects of technology and social media.

“Everyone’s reality is very different. It makes you think,” Oscar says. “It’s hard to know what’s real.

“There’s so much coming out about mental health at the moment.

“It’s a lot to do with technology, it enhances feelings of being alone and makes it a lot worse.

“It’s a vicious circle. You feel you’re on your own, you isolate yourself, and it gets worse. It can get you down.”

“It’s great that awareness is on the up and that people are talking more and being a lot more open about it. “

“We’d like to do the same thing through our music.”

Everything is Imagined live on stage.

Everything is Imagined live on stage.

Of their song “Waiting for My Life to Happen”, Oscar says: “It’s about OCD, ADHD, all those things.

“It’s difficult being labeled with things like that. It’s about feeling these things are holding you back or asking whether maybe you’re just different.

“We try to explore that.”

Working with family brings its own rewards, like the first night of the Rebecca Ferguson tour - the band played support for the X Factor star earlier this year - on the Isle of Man in February.

“It felt pretty magical,” Oscar says. “Playing there with my brother when we’ve been thinking about it our whole lives. That was amazing.

“Last summer we were working together every day for three-and-a-half months, so it can get a bit tense at times.

“It’s good and has its challenges at times. But we’re very honest and upfront with each other and that helps a lot.”

Listen to Everything is Imagined on Soundcloud, follow them on Facebook, Twitter @eisimagined #eii, or Instagram @eiimusic.