Erin Andrews is feeling quietly confident about her chances for the season finale of “Dancing with the Stars”.

She feels that tonight she will play the role of underdog going to do battle with Evan Lysacek, Nicole Scherzinger and their partners tonight.

"I just want to have a good time," she told her father, Steve Andrews, an investigative reporter with Channel 8, in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Andrews said "I've been so hard on myself this whole season on “Dancing With the Stars.””

I just want to go out there and be able to walk off stage and be really happy with what I did."

Her father said that behind the glamour of the show there’s an awful lot of work. He said that she rehearses for hours every day, her legs and back are bruised and she’s in a lot of pain. She has also lost 10 pounds from training.

“It's been more training than I ever thought it would be,” said Andrews. “It's a lot of work inside the dance studio.”

The stars of the finale spoke about the finale on “Good Morning America” Erin and her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy spoke about their good luck rituals. Apparantly the cheeky couple pat present Tom Bergeron’s behind right before the scores are read. “It’s good luck!” said Maks.

The couples twitter accounts this week also showed them to be in high spirits and looking forward to Monday nights competition.

Erin Andrews -

"We’re excited. The bruises, fat lip and sore ribs will hopefully pay off Monday night.”

“Last night of smelling like spray tan. Really looking forward to Monday night. Sad it’s all ending.”

"Here you go…after today’s practice, bruised leg and swollen knee. Can you say baler?”

“My body is so sore from our freestyle/WWF style practice last night. I can’t imagine how Maks is feeling.”

Maksim Chrmekovskiy -

“Very proud of Erin, and no matter what the outcome will be, want to thank her for three amazing months.”

“The realization sets in that we have 4 days and season 10 is over! Crazy how time flies and how much we went through with Erin.”

“Getting off the bed was a challenge. Sore everywhere, but it’ll pay off on Monday! Besides, Erin is the bruised one.”

“We’re going to go all out in the final!”