"Dancing with the Stars" competitor Erin Andrews spoke over the weekend about the death threats she is dealing with and her time on the show.

Andrews said last week had been exceptionally difficult for her and how it brought back the memories of a stalker she had to deal with last summer.

"I'm not going to lie and say that it didn't bring everything back that I had to deal with last summer," she told Sports Illustrated. Granted, this was to a different level, but it brought back a lot of different emotions that I was trying to get past.

"But it just puts me back in the spotlight and makes me an example of how stalking is for real and it needs to be taken seriously, and I think it forces me even more to say to myself, "OK, how am I going to use this platform, how can I show women they have to be smart about their safety and protection?" But it's been a difficult week," said Andrews.

But the good news, said Andrews, is being on the show has helped her distract her thoughts.

"When this happened, I thought, Thank goodness I'm here and around all these people, because I don't have time to sit and cry about it. I have to be in the dance studio, in front of a camera. I have to get my routine done and ready to go. It's good for me to be busy and it's good for me to be around a group of people who are used to being in the public eye because they know how you're feeling, which is nice."

As for the show, Andrews said she is "obsessed with Pamela Anderson."

"Despite what the pre-conceived notions are of her, she's taking this very seriously and she's so sweet. She wrote me a fabulous e-mail the other night after the latest news came out, saying she felt so bad for me, and she's sent all the females flowers."

Andrews will compete again tonight for a place on the show.