Ed Sheeran left Irish Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy speechless after gifting him a signed guitar after appearing on the talk show on Friday night. 

Tubridy, who is stepping down as Late Late Show host at the end of the current season, spoke to the English musician about a wide range of issues during Friday's two-part interview, including the death of Sheeran's close friend Jamal Edwards and the trauma of Sheeran's wife Cherry's cancer diagnosis last year. 

Sheeran spoke openly about the grief he experienced following Edward's death, adding that writing his new album "-" ("Subtract") allowed him to open up. 

"Writing the songs helped me address things," Sheeran told Tubridy. 

He also spoke about how his wife urged him to start therapy to help him deal with his grief. 

"I would never ever have admitted any of this stuff to anyone and it was only through making this album and my wife actually being like ‘I actually think that there’s a problem here and you might benefit from speaking to someone’." 

Sheeran added that his wife is now doing well and getting "regular check-ups". 

Sheeran, whose paternal grandparents are from County Wexford, has appeared on the Late Late Show several times during his career and wished Tubridy luck with the "next chapter" of his career. 

"I really think you're making the right decision for your life and going on to the next chapter," Sheeran told Tubridy before presenting him with the guitar after his final live performance of the evening. 

Sheeran added that Tubridy had been "very good" to him over the years. 

"My nerves are gone!" said a visibly grateful Tubridy, adding that he was "very moved" by the gesture. 

Tubridy said he has a guitar at home and can play "about four chords" but added that he only plays the instrument on occasion. 

However, he said he now has "no excuse" and jokingly apologized to his neighbors. 


What a beautiful gesture, @edsheeran!

We’ve never seen Ryan so lost for words 😮 #LateLate pic.twitter.com/PuA4aEqiD7

— The Late Late Show (@RTELateLateShow) May 5, 2023

The Late Late Show host then presented Sheeran with a gift of his own, presenting him with four Wexford jerseys - one for each member of his family. 

Sheeran said he was "excited" for his children to grow up knowing about their Irish roots, adding that it would be "great" to bring them to Ireland. 

The English musician sang "Perfect" and "Eyes Closed" during his appearance on the Late Late Show and chatted with Irish musicians and fans during the two-part interview. 

Sheeran's pre-recorded interview aired just one day after the English musician won a copyright lawsuit in the US over his 2014 song "Thinking Out Loud". 

Sheeran had been accused of copying Marvin Gaye's 1973 classic "Let's Get It On" for his Grammy-winning song. 

However, a New York jury ruled on Thursday that Sheeran did not copy the song. 

Speaking to reporters after the trial, Sheeran said he was happy with the verdict but "frustrated that baseless claims like this are allowed to go to court". 

Sheeran revealed that the trial caused him to miss his Irish grandmother's funeral in County Wexford. Anne Mary Sheeran (nee Mulligan) was laid to rest in St. Patrick's Church in Craanford, County Wexford, on Wednesday. 

"Having to be in New York has meant that I missed being with my family at my grandmother's funeral in Ireland, and I will never get that time back," Sheeran told reporters. 

Sheeran's new album "-" debuted on May 5. The Irish influence that was so apparent on his previous album "÷" ("Divide") does not appear to have carried over to the latest album.

Tubridy, meanwhile, will present his final Late Late Show on May 26.