Would you want your young child idolizing a man who (a) hates vaginas and (b) says his only significant relationship is with his dog?

That is what parents of teenagers who swoon over Robert Pattinson wake up to this Valentine's Day.

That is what Robert Pattinson has revealed in his "Details interview."

All of which begs the question: What is wrong with Robert Pattinson?

He seems to hate the very thing he is most sought after for -- i.e. women. He has dated more women than hotcakes, and now he reveals he hates the most intimate part of them.

What is wrong with this guy? He seems to have a need to damage the opposite sex and belittle them. Can you imagine any other male performer making the same comments?
No way. It would be beneath them -- to pardon the pun.

Robert however, may be suffering form self-loathing qualities here. The thing he is most renowned for -- his prowess with women -- is what is most undermining his own sense of self worth.

After all, he wants to be known as an intelligent and thoughtful man -- not just a ladies' plaything. He makes that clear in Details when he talks about how he'd like to write political speeches.

Maybe he should do that. In the meantime, he needs to grow up a little more and understand where this woman hatred stuff is coming from.