Pierce Brosnan has revealed that he wouldn't mind his old job as James Bond back -- and he doesn't know why he was was fired from the role in the first place.

In a recent ABC interview Brosnan stated:

“I was wondering why the door closed on me!,“I thought everything was going so well! You know ‘Come back,’ they say, ‘Come back’ and there you go! We won’t talk about that.”

He says he still enjoys being recognized and called James Bond “They call me out, ‘Hey James, hey Bond,’ and I wear it with pride,” Brosnan said of his fans. “I had the greatest time in my life, making that character, being part of that franchise.”

It’s the first time Brosnan has revealed his true feelings about no longer being Bond having previously praised his successor Daniel Craig . Back in ‘04, he told Entertainment Weekly, “Bond is another lifetime … behind me.”

However he has never watched Craig fully in the role “I tried to watch it on a plane once,” I thought, OK 37,000 feet, this is a good distance to watch it from. And I watched it and it broke down, and then they fixed it and it broke down again.”

Sounds like he wouldn't mind another 007 role himself.