A Derry Girls playlist featuring nearly 100 songs from the show's first two seasons is now available for your nostalgia-inducing pleasure

The ‘Derry Girls’ soundtrack is now on Spotify to help quench your thirst for 90s nostalgia after the hit show's season two finale on Tuesday.

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Derry Girls fan Rory McEvoy tweeted on Tuesday that he has compiled all of the songs from the first two seasons of the hit show into a Spotify playlist and shared it with the public:

Here it is folks, ALL 93 songs from both seasons of the fab #DerryGirls. This was most definitely the soundtrack of my teenage years. @LisaMMcGee https://t.co/XNe4MTNoAT pic.twitter.com/qmMkhiflln

— rorymcevoy (@rorymcevoy) April 9, 2019

Naturally, fans were only thrilled at the announcement, and McEvoy’s tweet has garnered over 2,000 likes.

Ace of Base, The Cranberries, Blur, Take That - the playlist is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane.

You can listen to the Derry Girls soundtrack on Spotify here, thanks to McEvoy:

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Season Three of Derry Girls confirmed

McEvoy’s Derry Girls playlist coincides with the news that Derry Girls has, thankfully, been renewed for a third season.

That might be the end for series 2 of #DerryGirls, but don’t worry it will be returning for series 3! @LisaMMcGee @SaoirseJackson @nicolacoughlan @louisa_harland @JamieLeeOD @Djllewellyn ⁣ pic.twitter.com/yhyOaCIIQh

— Channel 4 (@Channel4) April 9, 2019

The show’s creator and writer Lisa McGee, a Derry girl herself, said: "I love writing this show and I'm so thrilled to be able to continue the Derry Girls story, thank you Channel 4, Erin and the eejits live to fight another day!"

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Nicola Coughlan, who plays Clare on the hit show, shared her delight on Twitter:

You didn’t think we’d leave you that easy did you?#DerryGirls SERIES 3 IS HAPPENING
❤️李 pic.twitter.com/Tlwr2KSEV3

— Nicola Coughlan (@nicolacoughlan) April 9, 2019

While the second season of Derry Girls has now aired in its entirety across the pond, American and international fans continue to wait with bated breath for it to hit Netflix. 

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