Siobhan Magnus impressed David Letterman so much so that he questioned why she was voted off “American Idol”.

He said "I don't know why they voted you off…Frankly, I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, you should be our American Idol."

The Cape Cod girl now known for her high-pitched and glorious screams sang “Paint it Black” accompanied by Paul Shaffer’s band.

Magnus was a glass-blowing apprentice before she shot to fame on “American Idol”. Letterman joked with her about her profession.

He asked if she could tell him what the No. 1 Rule of glass-blowing was. She said “Temperature control is very important.” He replied “No” and joked “Rule No. 1: Don’t inhale.”

The two seemed relaxed as they joked about her colorful tights. He even asked if she had her legs tattooed.

Last week Magnus appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and was interview by “Access Hollywood.” It will be at least a couple of days before the starlet heads home to Cape Cod.

The “American Idol” competition continues tonight as the final five singers battle it out singing Frank Sinatra songs.

Shocked: Siobhan Magnus disappointed after being voted off 'American Idol'