HE'S best known as the background brother in the Corrs, the vanilla Irish pop group fronted by three gorgeous sisters, but Jim Corr apparently has lots of opinions that won't help his band gain much favor over here.

Jim, it seems, is one of those annoying crusading celebs who think that the U.S. carried out the September 11 attacks for purposes of, well, God only knows. Putting down his guitar in favor of political punditry last week on a national Irish radio show, Jim warned of the impending end of civilization if the Irish vote in favor of an upcoming referendum on the European Union. Why, look at what those dastardly Yanks did on September 11 in their quest for world dominance.

"What we are seeing is tip-toe totalitarianism in the west with 9/11 the key to understanding this," said the guitar player. "When you study 9/11 it becomes very apparent ... it was a staged terrorist attack, what they call a false flag operation."

The evidence, he says, shows that 9/11 "was carried out by rogue elements in the Bush neo-con administration."

Of course, the super-sleuth didn't actually provide credible evidence - Jim and his fellow crackpot conspiracy theorists never do when they spew such allegations - but he did generate some headlines for himself, which is always a good thing when the day job is stalled. And here's the evidence to support that claim - in the Corrs' website's latest news section, fans are thanked for sending birthday messages to sister Andrea last March, and sister Sharon announced the birth of her daughter - last July 18!

Perhaps Jim might be better served updating his band's website as opposed to publicly showing that he occasionally forgets to take his meds!