We have your start-of-the-weekend music fix with a new Irish-language electro-pop song from Deoraí. 

Need some new music to get the party started this weekend? Why not have a listen to this new song from Deoraí (meaning tears).

“Concréit Fhuar” (cold concrete) is an Irish-language electro-pop song bound to get you moving. 

“The song deals with the mind of a man who has recently found himself homeless and gives the listener an insight into the myriad of thoughts that he has about himself, life and the world he has suddenly found himself in,” Deoraí state. 

“While the topic is serious, the music has a twist of electro-funk and behind every struggle, there is a glimmer of light.”

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Deoraí is an independent music and art project uses the Irish language in contemporary music, which covers various unique styles with relevant and innovative themes. 

The project pulls together various artists, creating music that deals with the big and important issues of life on earth in 2020. The project started in 2018 as a response to the English-language-dominated musical world. 

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Deoraí believes that the Irish language has a place in new musical styles. They’ve been working on this collection of music and film for the past two years and the releases will be distributed throughout 2020 and beyond. 

They state that the project brings the medium of music and film together to tell full stories of the important issues faced in this new world. 

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