Conan O’Brien should replace Simon Cowell on "American Idol" next season.

It is the perfect "get out of jail" card for both men. Conan is history at NBC after his bosses decided that Jay Leno was more valuable. The move to Fox would open a whole new world to him. He could do a late talk show as well.

Cowell is trying to save face while dumping the show that made him famous and jumping to a rival he happens to own.

Conan is a huge music fan – he devoted a full week of shows once to U2 and he loves to play air guitar just watch You Tube clips. He’s funny and smart and while he does not have Simon’s killer punch, he does manage to get his point across rather well.

Most of all he brings the star power that "American Idol" will lose when Simon departs. He would float the boat of the overwhelmingly female audience as well.

I think it is the perfect match. The show may need to get rid of Ellen De Generes who I believe will be a bust anyway

If they really need a dark star they could try Charlie Sheen, he’s had plenty of experience recently in trying to throttle people.