Conan O'Brien has ended months of speculation by confirming that his new TBS show will be called "Conan".

O'Brien released a YouTube video to New York Magazine's Vulture blog and (see video below).

He says "It's 'Conan,' simple, pure, like the guy himself."

In the video he sits behind a desk in a bare, cheap looking office sporting a beard. "I've still got the beard and a pretty crappy office," he said.

He went on to joke that he spent millions of dollars on legal and media research teams which were looking into potential names for the show.

He finished by saying "I got a lot of work to do, it will be great."

O'Brien, who walked away from NBC's "Tonight" show earlier this year with an estimated $45 million in his pocket, will launch his new late-night chat show on TBS November 8.