Comedian Jane Lynch has teamed up with Funny or Die and Febreze to launch a new PSA-style video about the unfortunate condition of “noseblindness.”

Noseblind (adj.): to be unable to recognize the foul odors you’ve grown accustomed to in your own home, much to the chagrin of your guests.

In the hilarious video, Lynch stages an intervention with some of her noseblind friends.

She had us in bits during a launch in New York yesterday, where we were lucky to get a sneak peek at the video before it went live. She made a few demonstrations, asking audience members to smell certain odors and to test our noseblindness.

Immediately recognizable for her role as Sue Sylvester, "Glee’s" villainous tracksuit-clad gym teacher, Lynch attributes her toughness (in and out of character) to her Irish Catholic upbringing in Dolton, IL – a heavily Irish suburb of Chicago. Along with the “beer, whiskey and storytelling,” it’s safe to say she inherited at least part of her sense of humor from the Irish roots as well.