All the single ladies, put your hands up, whoa, whoa, whoa, as Beyonce sings - Colin Farrell is officially unattached! The word comes from an ultra reliable source - his newly ex-girlfriend, British novelist Emma Forrest. The couple dated for a year, and had an amicable parting of the ways. "Colin, besides being one of the most brilliant minds I know, the most instinctively gifted dad I've witnessed outside my own, and a reminder that, when it comes to art, talent always rises, is a dear and trusted friend. And only that..." Forrest told the Sunday Tribune in Dublin. The newly minted Golden Globe winner for his starring role in "In Bruges" seemed to enjoy a relatively low-key existence with the Los Angeles-based Forrest. After years of wild partying and living life in the fast lane, Colin undoubtedly enjoyed the break. But alas, a long-term union was not to be. Emma says she's thrilled that Colin nabbed the Golden Globe for best actor, and feels he'd have a shot at an Oscar nod if the "In Bruges" distributors had done proper legwork. "Anything good that's happening for that film is despite - not because of - the distributors, who should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. It'll be bloody hard to get Oscar nominations given that they haven't sent out screeners. This is coming not from Martin McDonagh or Colin but from me," she told the Tribune. As a member of the Writers Guild Of America (WGA), the British writer said that she received two copies of the film "Milk" for awards consideration, but nada for "In Bruges." "None of us can believe the disregard 'In Bruges' has been handled with. But the distributors were kind enough to send me two copies of 'Milk.' And you can quote me. It's a shame as I think what Colin does in 'In Bruges' is like De Niro in 'The King of Comedy,'" Emma said. A nice, pleasant break-up indeed!