Colin Farrell is taking a trip back in time again for his next big studio project, a remake of the 1980s cult hit "Fright Night" in which he plays a vampire named Jerry who appears to be normal on the surface, but . . .

The film is being produced by Disney, so clearly hopes are high for a box office success.  Toni Collette plays the lead female role, and a bunch of young next big things have also signed on the dotted line, among them Emily Montague and Dave Franco.

"Fright Night" is currently shooting in New Mexico and already has a release date of October 7, 2011. Let’s hope Farrell’s newest attempt at recreating 1980s icons turns out better than his last – you’ll remember that he co-starred with Jamie Foxx a few years back in a remake of Miami Vice which landed with a thud at the box office.

In other Farrell news, the actor, who has two sons, has given strong support to a Dublin family fighting to have their disabled son enrolled in a mainstream Irish school.  Farrell’s first-born boy, James, seven, was born with Angelman Syndrome, and Colin has advocated passionately on his behalf.

When he heard about the plight of the Boyles and their son Micheal, he was quick to lend his voice to their cause.

“In the name of their son Michael and so many other Irish children, (the Boyles) are insisting that every child regardless of intellectual ability be fully included in the academic and social opportunities provided by the Irish educational system. Too long have members of our community been ostracized as a result of some physical or intellectual disability. It is time now for full integration starting where all life begins, at childhood, in school,” Farrell said.


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