Colin Farrell has been one of Ireland’s biggest stars for almost two decades. Whether you think he is a brilliant actor or just an exceptional hottie he certainly has made Ireland proud. To coincide with the release of his latest project, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” we at IrishCentral have decided to refresh your memories and run down Farrell’s top 10 movie roles that made him a household name.

Of course we all remember him as Danny Byrne in the Irish TV series “Ballykissangel,” but we will stick to the movies. Don’t worry, there will be no mention of “Alexander” from this point onwards!

1 - Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000)

This was Farrell’s first major breakthrough in film, playing the supporting role alongside award-winning actor Kevin Spacey. This film tells the story of Dublin criminal Michael Lynch and his elaborate heists that makes him the bane of the Gardai (Police) but adored by the public. Farrell plays the Dublin bad boy Alec who is part of Lynch’s gang.

2 - Tigerland (2000)

Here Farrell plays the lead as Private Roland Bozz for this drama set in 1971 during the Vietnam War. Tigerland, a swamp similar to Vietnam, was where the final stage of training took place before soldiers were dispatched for duty. He plays the unruly soldier with no respect for authority despite having all the abilities to be a leader.

3 - Minority Report (2002)

An action packed futuristic movie about a special police unit who arrest criminals before they commit their murders. Farrell plays Danny Witwer, one of the men tasked with finding an agent they believe will commit a murder in the next 36 hours.

4 - Phonebooth (2002)

This claustrophobic thriller is set in New York City. It sees Farrell as Stu Shepard, a suave New York City publicist who answers a phone call from a sniper who is ready to expose his shady private life and kill him if he doesn’t do exactly as he says.

5 - Intermission (2003)

This film is one of the truly great Irish films. It’s a gritty film set in Dublin and tells the story of love, greed and violence set around a break-up which causes a series of intertwining stories between the people involved and the people around them. Farrell plays a petty criminal who has a habit of getting on the wrong side of the law. This film also introduced to the world the phenomenon of putting the condiment brown sauce into tea!

6 - In Bruges (2008)

Farrell is at his best in this critically acclaimed black comedy crime drama. He plays a guilt-stricken hitman who has just had a job go horribly wrong. The film centers around him and his partner as they wait for word from their boss about their next job. 

7 - The Way Back (2010)

Set in the depths of Siberia, this film chronicles the story of a group of misfits and their 4,000 mile journey – by foot – from a Siberian Gulag to refuge in India. Farrell plays Valka, a Russian criminal.

8 - Horrible Bosses (2011)

In this film Farrell lets his comedic juices flow playing the incompetent and drug-addicted Bobby Pellitt, who inherits his family business after his father dies. Farrell's character has incredible delusions of grandeur with hilarious consequences for us to enjoy. His questionable comb over is quite something to behold.

9 - Seven Psychopaths (2012)

This crime comedy sees Farrell playing the role of a struggling screenwriter who finds himself mixed up in the gangster world after his best friend kidnaps a dog from a crime boss. He really gets himself into some deep Shih Tzu in this one.

10 - The Lobster (2015)

This is a love story with a twist. Farrell plays the lonely singleton desperate to find love in this futuristic dystopian society, where single people must find love within 45 days or they will be turned into an animal and sent into the woods. Certainly a unique take on speed dating.

Did we leave out your favorite Colin Farrell movie? Let us know what it is in the comment section!