The latest trailer for Harry Potter spinoff “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was released earlier this week, and, much to our delight, Colin Farrell gets whole lot of screen time.

The Dublin-born actor, 39, is playing Percival Graves, a formidable wizard charged with tracking down Eddie Redmayne’s main character Newt Scamander and the “fantastic beasts” he carries in his suitcase – who, it looks like, somehow manage to escape.

Farrell’s deep, even voice opens the trailer, appraising Redmayne’s zoologist character Newt Scamander. ““You’re an interesting man, Mr. Scamander,” he says “Just like your suitcase, I think there’s much more to you than meets the eye.”

“No human could do what this thing is capable of,” he warns, ominously, later in the trailer.

“Fantastic Beasts,” set in the wizarding world of New York City in 1929, is a spinoff on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Within the Harry Potter books, students at the wizarding school Hogwarts study a book by Newt Scamander entitled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” and the upcoming film is billed as an origins story behind Scamander and his work.

The film will be a fun departure for Farrell, who has recently gravitates towards some heavier roles such as crooked cop Ray Velcoro in the “True Detective” series and serial killer Charles Ambrose in the 2015 film “Solace.” You can also currently hear him narrating a Google Maps tour of Dublin sites important to the 1916 Easter Rising. 

The Ireland and US release date for “Fantastic Beasts” is November 18.