A happy occasion will soon take place for Colin Farrell and his family – the actor’s younger brother Eamon will tie the knot with his long-time partner, Dublin artist Stephen Mannion.

The happy couple will be forced to take their vows outside of their home in Ireland because gay marriage isn’t legal there, but that isn’t putting a damper on their happiness.

"I'm dying to marry Eamon,” Mannion, 26, told the Sunday Independent. "We're definitely going to do it before the end of the summer and it's going to be very small and intimate.

“Obviously it will have to be abroad as we don't have a civil partnership bill in Ireland yet. We were half thinking of waiting for that because I'd like my granny to be there, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon."

Eamon Farrell, a choreographer, is equally thrilled at the upcoming big event, and to his credit has no intention on cashing in on his brother’s famous name.

"We definitely won't be doing a magazine deal. Are you kidding?" he said. "Oh my God, I'd be mortified. Colin is famous, I'm not."

Eamon calls his future husband, quite a well-known artist in Dublin, the “love of his life.” He too is furious that they can’t become Mr. and Mr. in Ireland.

“It's absolutely terrible. We have to go somewhere legal, which narrows it down to about five countries,” Eamon said.

"I don't really like civil union cake -- I want a wedding cake at my party. Who wants a civil union? It's just so legal. I want to be able to get married. The government's paper on civil unions is only for gay people. If you're straight you can't have one. So that's not fair either.

“If you want a civil union you should be able to do it, if I want to get married I should be able to do it."

Though Colin will certainly be present and accounted for when the couple make it legal, Eamon couldn’t say if he’d be in the wedding party.

"I have two sisters and one brother (Colin) so we don't know about bridesmaids and best men yet -- maybe we won't have any. Who knows?"

Though Colin wasn’t in Cannes for the film fest last week, an upcoming movie of had its highly anticipated world premiere.

"The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" was the last film the late Heath Ledger was working on prior to his untimely death in January of last year. In his place, Farrell, Johnny Depp and Jude Law took turns picking up where he left off.

Critics gave the movie a ho-hum reception. "The three stars that came to (director Terry) Gilliam's rescue also make amusing contributions, but it's hard not to wonder how much better the film would have been with a complete performance by the charismatic and adventurous Ledger," said the critic at The Hollywood Reporter.

Though "Imaginarium" will open in Europe this fall, there still is no U.S. release date set.