Irish star Colin Farrell who was rumored to star in the new Sheldon Turner film is now out of the running for the lead role.The movie By “Virtue Fall” written by Sheldon Turner will mark his directorial debut. The film explores the story of a man who is framed by his mentor and winds up in prison. Once he is released from prison the ex convict he becomes fixated on seeking revenge on his former partner.

Reportedly Colin Farrell and Eric Bana were both potentials for major roles but money was an issue for both contenders. The latest reports suggest that Farrell is no longer in the running and could now be replaced by Jeremy Renner.

Farrell is working on two projects at the moment. In “Fright Night” Farrell plays Jerry Danride. The film is a remake of the comedy horror where a teenager discovers his neighbors are all vampires. He is also working on “Horrible Bosses” alongside Jennifer Anniston, the film centers around three friends who conspire to murder their awful bosses.