Colin Farrell has described how he has found peace in his life and ended his hell raising days. He traces it back in part to the day he says he had an 'epiphany moment' a few years ago in Virginia, which helped change his life for the better.

"I was caught in a storm in Virginia and I felt this sublime moment of insignificance,” he told the Irish Independent. "The peace that came with it was counter to what I would have expected from feeling insignificant.

"But this feeling of insignificance I felt was in relation to nature and the power of nature was such a weight off my shoulders. I was like' f...k me, I've nothing to worry about. I'm only here for a blip. I really am. This was here before me and this will be here after me. I’m not that important. I’m not the center of the universe."

In a separate interview, Farrell told the Irish Times that he did not find it hard to be off the booze in Hollywood now. "It's not so hard in LA. The hardest thing about being a non-drinker is that I have ten years of good memories of piss-ups in Dublin. I grew up like most of us drinking cans. They were great times. You come back to Dublin and you reconnect with the nostalgia of it all."

He also says fatherhood has helped settle him.

"When I was about to be a father for the second time I got this weird dose of fear that I would love one less than the other,” he said referring to the birth of his second son Henry and his first son James. "But of course that was ridiculous. I think the heart has a capacity to absorb an infinite amount of love."