Brendan Gleeson introduced himself in his first-ever SNL monologue saying, "If you don't recognize the accent, it's Irish."

Gleeson further explained that he's "the fella that you’ve seen in that thing that you’ve seen that you can’t remember but you think you kinda liked."

Boasting slick-back hair, the Irish actor admitted that he wasn't "really used to telling jokes" and asked for a mandolin to be brought out on stage. 

He revealed that the mandolin once belonged to Barney McKenna, a member of the legendary Irish band The Dubliners, and began to tune the instrument while telling stories about his family's musicality. 

His aunt Nell, for example, had a voice so high-pitched that she could shatter glass, which he said usually frightened the children of the family, especially those wearing glasses. 

"Weird and wonderful", Gleeson proclaimed, after he had finished telling stories about his family. "Do you know who else is weird and wonderful? Colin Farrell." 

Gleeson and Farrell, both natives of Dublin, have been pals for a long time after co-starring in "In Bruges" in 2008. They've since reunited for the critically-acclaimed "The Banshees of Inisherin."

Farrell emerged on stage boasting a ludicrous fake mustache after Gleeson had jokingly introduced him as being a "little too needy."

Farrell proceeded to ask Gleeson who was "his most favorite co-star" he'd ever worked with, to which Gleeson replied "Paddington Bear."

Disheartened, Farrell changed tack and ask a more specific question, asking Gleeson about his favorite 46-year-old Irish co-star whose name begins with "C."

"Cillian Murphy," Gleeson replied, drawing a big cheer from the audience. 

You can watch Brendan Gleeson's SNL monologue, with an assist from Colin Farrell, here: