Clinton Kelly star of "What Not to Wear" says Rush Limbaugh is fun. He also says that one of the worst dressed women he has ever seen will appear on TLC's show on Saturday night. The Long Island-born Irish American host of the program says this is something very awful indeed.

On break from the show currently, Kelly is also taking a look at other beauty pageants. "Miss America: Behind the Curtain" is a look inside one of of the great staples of American society. Earlier this week, he pretended he was a contestant.

"It was fun to have Rush Limbaugh firing questions at me. And Vivica Fox! She's more intimidating than Rush," he says. "She's beautiful and intense - that's a scary combination." He stated they gave him an 8 out of 10 score.

As for the worst dressed woman Kelly says "I generally lump the women on What Not To Wear into three different categories," says Kelly,  "They're either frumps, sluts or freaks. Crizti (Walsh, a disc jockey from Norfolk, Va.,) had a little bit of each one."

Kelly has become an incredibly popular hosts, and the show has drawn comparisons with "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" except its about women. There have been rumors about Kelly going elsewhere. However, he says he is not leaving. "I'll keep doing the show as long as they want me. I like it. Stacy (London) and I have pretty much a belly laugh every day."

Clinton Kelly and Stacey London of 'What not to wear'