The Hollywood News website speculates that after accounts of Irish actor Cillian Murphy being seen on set, he will be resurrecting his role of Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow for Christopher Nolan’s third Batman installment ‘Dark Knight Rises.’

Murphy appeared in the initial Batman installment and had a brief cameo in the second. It hasn’t been reported yet how large Scarecrow’s role will be in the upcoming third one, if it appears at all. “While several movie websites have confirmed Cillian was on set, it has not officially been confirmed that he will appear in the movie,” says


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, also set to star in the film, speaks of director’s Christopher Nolan’s method of releasing information about his film: “"Every little bit on information he lets out, he does it at the proper time. Far be it for me to pre-empt the rhythm of this. I love that people are excited about it. I guarantee, as an audience member, one will have the best experience if one just trusts him."

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is set to hit theaters next summer on July 20th. Preview the sure to be summer hit below:

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