Cillian Murphy reportedly bares it all in the highly anticipated “Oppenheimer,” but the Irish actor is remaining tight-lipped about his newest project with Christopher Nolan.

The new movie “features prolonged nudity for Murphy and Florence Pugh," according to The Guardian, who recently interviewed Murphy near his home in Dublin.

The R-rated film also features sex as well as "complicated" scenes with Emily Blunt, who plays Murphy's on-screen wife, that were "pretty heavy."

However, more details about the buzzy new film will be hard to come by before its release.

“I’m under strict instructions not to give away anything," Murphy teased.

The Cork native did say that he is pleased with how the movie turned out.

“I don’t like watching myself – it’s like, ‘Oh, f---ing hell’ – but it’s an extraordinary piece of work. Very provocative and powerful. 

“It feels sometimes like a biopic, sometimes like a thriller, sometimes like a horror. 

“It’s going to knock people out,” he adds. “What [Nolan] does with film, it f--ks you up a little bit.”

Indeed, Nolan previously said that early audiences were "devastated" upon leaving screenings of "Oppenheimer," which is already generating Oscar buzz for Murphy.

In "Oppenheimer," which arrives in theaters on July 21, Murphy plays American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who is often referred to as 'the father of the atomic bomb."

At the first premiere screening of the film last night, July 11, at the Cinema Le Grand Rex in Paris, Murphy said he was "thrilled" to have the opportunity to work with Nolan again. It's the duo's sixth time collaborating.

"Any actor in the world would want to work with Chris," Murphy told Deadline.

"He's one of the greats, one of the greatest directors in the world. I feel privileged to have worked with him so much."

"I had to sit down for a minute but I was thrilled and any actor in the world would want to work for Chris (Nolan), he's one of the greats": Cillan Murphy on reteaming with Christopher Nolan for #Oppenheimer

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) July 12, 2023

Murphy also encouraged viewers to see the film on the biggest screen possible: "It's less of a film and more of an experience.

"Chris likes to describe it as 3D without the glasses."

Murphy went on to say what he hopes audiences take away from the film: "First and foremost, I think they need to be entertained, I think that movie does it in spades.

"And then, I think it asks a lot of questions, some of the big, ethical, moral, paradoxical questions that there is.

"My 15-year-old kid saw it and he was knocked out and he was very, very curious about all that time in history and its relevance to today."