Is Cillian Murphy going to be the next James Bond? Bookies' odds are way up that the Peaky Blinders star will be the next 007 in a very Irish collaboration with director Danny Boyle.

Rumors are swirling that Irish actor Cillian Murphy is going to be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig's 007 tenure is over. 

The brilliantly menacing Peaky Blinders star has been given very promising odds after recent speculation that Danny Boyle will direct the next films in the Bond franchise. 

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Boyle and Murphy are close collaborators, having worked together on films like Sunshine and 28 Days Later. 

In light of this, Ladbrokes slashed Murphy's odds of nabbing the coveted spy role from  33/1 to 12/1. 

The current standings are: 

James Norton – 3/1
Tom Hardy – 3/1
Jack Huston – 6/1
Aidan Turner – 8/1
Idris Elba – 8/1
Cillian Murphy – 12/1
Any Female – 12/1
Daniel Kaluuya – 12/1
Tom Hiddleston – 12/1
Michael Fassbender – 16/1
Henry Cavill – 20/1
Jamie Dornan – 20/1
25/1 bar

Not too bad of a chance we'll have an Irish James Bond with Murphy, Aidan Turner, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Dornan and "Any Female" all in the running.

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