Irish actor Cillian Murphy, who plays Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders, has to smoke a shocking amount of cigarettes for the show.

During a Q & A at the BFI last week, actress Helen McCroy, who plays Aunt Polly on the BBC/Netflix series, revealed the number of cigarettes the actors have to smoke on the period show, which is set in Birmingham, England after World War I.

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People in the audience were left gasping at number, Metro reports.

“Let me show you my lungs!” joked McCroy, when asked by an audience member how much the actors have to smoke for each season.

She then revealed: “Cillian apparently, and I can’t remember which season, the props guys reckoned about a thousand.”

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“But no actors were killed in the making of Peaky Blinders!,’ she added, according to Esquire. "We don’t inhale.”

It looks like Murphy will be lighting up again soon as the hit series heads into season five.