The wife-to-be of Hollywood hunk Chris O’Dowd is trying to make a big impression on her prospective in-laws – with a Leprechaun tee-shirt straight from the controversial Urban Outfitters range.

TV presenter and comedian Dawn Porter has taken to wearing a tee-shirt with the slogan ‘I’m A F**king Leprechaun’ ahead of their wedding at the end of the year.

Bridesmaids star O’Dowd even tweeted the photo of his fiancée wearing the shirt with the message ‘Look What I Came Home To’.

O’Dowd went down on one knee to propose to Porter at Christmas and the celebrity couple are currently planning their wedding.

“It really won’t be a fairytale wedding as I’m not very bridey, and in fact every time someone talks about a traditional wedding, I feel sick and start recoiling,” said Porter.

“The dress won’t be white or a big gown. I’ve trawled through all the wedding dress magazines and I didn’t like the ones that looked like that.”

Porter’s current dress sense won’t go down well with elements of the Irish community. Urban Outfitters have caused outrage with their range of controversial Irish slogan merchandise in the run up to St Patrick’s Day.

Slogans such as ‘Kiss Me, I’m drunk, or Irish, or whatever’ and ‘Irish Yoga: Downward facing upchuck,’ with a drawing of a man vomiting, depicted on a baseball cap have sparked criticism.

One IrishCentral commentator posted: “The slogans on the t shirts wouldn’t offend Irish people but theLeprechaun association with Ireland p***es everyone off. The only time we see leprechauns in Ireland are when the Americans come over here dressed like one.”

Ironically, the Urban Outfitter’s shop in Dublin’s Temple Bar doesn’t carry any of the controversial items.


Chris O'Dowd tweeted this picture of his fiance Dawn PorterTwitter