Irish actor/writer Chris O’Dowd, thoroughly entrenched with the prolific producer Judd Apatow’s gang thanks to his star turn in last year’s Bridesmaids (he’ll also be featured in Apatow’s This Is Forty in December), is also one of the girls on HBO’s way over-hyped dramedy Girls, which is due back for a second season in January (and also produced by Apatow.)

O’Dowd guest-starred in season one as Thomas-John, who sought a threesome with two of the girls and wound up marrying Jessa in the season finale.  So back to Brooklyn he heads for season two, or at least part of it as the union isn’t likely to last.

“We will be coming home from honeymoon,” he told Entertainment Weekly last week, “and I can’t imagine that that relationship isn’t going to go very well.”

Jemima Kirke, the actress who plays Jessa, is pregnant in real life, and Roscommon native O’Dowd took the opportunity to teach the child some Irish-isms, he said.

“I was teaching her fetus curse words. I told her some Irish slang. Just the common things. They’re not broadcastable,” he laughed.

O’Dowd recently married British TV host Dawn Porter and is working on a number of projects over here, including a new sitcom for NBC. He also has an indie film called 3 2 1 Frankie Go Boom in select theaters next month.

Here, catch a clip of Chris O'Dowd during his first appearance on HBO's 'Girls' (explicit language):

Chris O'Dowd on HBO's 'Girls'