The good news just keeps coming for Roscommon native Chris O’Dowd. Reportedly, Christopher Guest, the writer behind ‘Best in Show’ and ‘This is Spinal Tap,’ is looking to make O’Dowd the focus of his new television show ‘Family Tree.’

Vulture reports exclusively on Guest’s new and highly anticipated project which will see the writer branching out into television. ‘Family Tree’ aims to be high on improvisation and low on commercials, thus it is being shopped to for-pay services like Netflix, HBO and Showtime by NBCUniversal International Television.

The show will follow the efforts of one man, played by Chris O’Dowd, to track down his real family. ‘Family Tree’ will reportedly have the feel of other hit show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ Other details have yet to emerge about the show.

Should the project get the go-ahead, it will be just another big name that O’Dowd will get to work with. The Irish actor upped his American notoriety last year by co-starring in the summer hit ‘Bridesmaids’ along with Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm. Earlier this year, he starred in ‘Friends with Kids’ alongside Hamm again and with Maya Rudolph and Megan Fox.

Just last month at Cannes Film Festival, O’Dowd starred in ‘The Sapphires’ which was screened at the festival just after being acquired by Harvey Weinstein. Last year, Weinstein picked up another film - ‘The Artist’ - right before Cannes and it later went on to win Oscars. Hopefully O’Dowd’s ‘The Sapphires’ may share in some of the same success.

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