Now 21-years-old, Chloe Agnew, who joined the group ‘Celtic Woman’ when she was just 14 talks about growing up with the enchanting singing group.

While touring on tour she spoke about her life on the road with the band. She said "I've grown up with the show, and it's been amazing…Sure, there were some sacrifices, but I still wouldn't trade this experience for anything!"

The daughter of Adele “Twink” King, a household name in Ireland and musician David Agnew, Chloe grew up in a home full of performers and entertainers.

"I'm fortunate to be following the same road as my parents, and to have their total support," said she.

The group was formed in 2005 and since then they have sold over five million albums. The group will be touring until the end of 2010 through 60 cities and now they’ve just added 47 more.

“Luckily, I've had experience with touring because my mom involved us in her life and took us with her often. By the time I was 10, I'd seen a lot of the world."

"Wherever we go, we're lucky enough to feel so loved and appreciated. Audiences in some cultures are more reserved, but we're never let down. Music seems to bring people together."

She said that he gets a real kick out of visiting cities with large Irish populations as their reception is overwhelming. She said "Those audiences…can be amazing."

The five piece group plays a mixture of Irish music and other genres. Their show includes special effects, an orchestra, a chorus backup and light classical, Irish and pop.

“People seem to feel that we're a perfect mix -- not too sophisticated, not too innocent, but just right," she said.

"I guess that's to signify that I AM the baby of the group," she said. "But now that I've had my 21st birthday, I may have to change that. I'm not feeling at all like a baby!"