Irish TV series "Cheap European Homes" is seeking house hunters who are open to moving abroad for the upcoming season of the popular series. 

Presenter Maggie Molloy is back for the second season of RTÉ's "Cheap European Homes" to help adventurous house hunters find affordable properties in Europe. 

Molloy will enlist the help of local architects and engineers to help those thinking about moving abroad to choose a new home. She will also obtain advice on local planning laws and taxes and meet with Irish people who have already moved abroad to hear their stories. 

Producers of the upcoming six-part season are seeking people who are open to moving abroad and have interesting or unique stories that inspired them to search for properties on the continent. 

Anyone interested in appearing on the upcoming season of the show is asked to send an email to [email protected] by October 31. 

"Cheap European Homes," which debuted in March 2023, is a follow-up to Molloy's popular series "Cheap Irish Homes."

Speaking ahead of the premiere of the first season, Molloy said she was looking forward to finding "cheap houses all over Europe."

"So if anyone's looking for a house or ready to just up sticks and get out of the rat race that is the Irish property market - maybe you're working from home, you've mortgage approval and you haven't a hope of buying a house here even with it, then you need to email me and we're going to find you a house!" Molloy said on Instagram ahead of the show's first season. 

The first season of the popular series saw Molloy unearth properties in France, Spain, and Portugal for Irish house hunters seeking low-cost properties on the continent.