According to a report in The Sunday Tribune, Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron will be spending lots of time in Ireland next year, as she’s down to play the lead female role in the film version of the Sebastian Barry novel “The Secret Scripture.”

The paper says that the prolific Irish producer Noel Pearson is on board for the project, and is trying to line up the British actor Alan Rickman for one of the other main characters. 

Theron will play Roseanne McNulty, a 100-year-old mental patient who decides to write an autobiography, and she’ll age back in time for the role.

The Tribune didn’t say when filming will start, but Theron will likely be spending part of next summer in Australia shooting a sequel to the “Mad Max” franchise popularized by Irish-American actor Mel Gibson way back when. She’s pretty much confirmed to play the female lead in the film, titled “Fury Road,” but Gibson has nixed another appearance.

No doubt Charlize will be accompanied by her longtime boyfriend, Dublin-born actor and writer Stuart Townsend. The couple is based in L.A. and still going strong after more than eight years together, but insist that wedded bliss ain’t happening until marriage rights are extended to gays and lesbians across the country.