TMZ are reporting on Friday that the lawyers for Charlie Sheen have reached an agreement with the prosecutors office on four different plea options to resolve his domestic violence case.

One of the four options included time in jail!


But Charlie does have to choose one.

The options are listed below and appear on TMZ's site today.

OPTION 1: Charlie will plead guilty to a misdemeanor and serve 30 days in Aspen jail. Charlie could enter the plea as early as June 7 in Aspen and would then immediately begin serving his time. With good behavior, that time could be whittled down to 17 days. After he serves his sentence, the case would be over. Charlie would not be placed on probation.

OPTION 2: Charlie would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and receive no jail time, but would be placed on 2 years probation. We're told Charlie's people worry that the actor might slip up and the judge could then throw the book at him and Charlie would end up in jail for a much longer period than 30 days.

OPTION 3: Charlie would receive a "deferred prosecution" -- meaning the case would not go forward but Charlie would agree to various conditions -- including not breaking the law. After a certain period of time -- if Charlie complies with the conditions -- the matter would be expunged from his record.

OPTION 4: Go to trial and fight it. Charlie, we're told, is upset at the Tito Ortiz case ... where the UFC star did not even get prosecuted for allegedly doing a lot worse than Charlie allegedly did.