The mother of Celtic Woman star Chloe Agnew has revealed her daughter is being deeply affected by the battle to save the family home from repossession.

The Bank of Scotland began legal proceedings on Monday to repossess the home , which she owns with her former husband David Agnew.

Adele King, better known as Twink, told the Sunday Independent that "My daughters and I are going through hell while trying to save the house. It's really taken its toll on the family," she said.

"With the property market the way it is -- if I am forced to sell it, I would be losing a lot. It really is a nightmare. I worked all my life for every cent to make my home what it is. I put everything I had into it," said the entertainer.

"I really don't know how I can get out of this -- but I will try everything in my power to get through this."

Twink stated she is  in the process of writing an autobiography in a bid to raise much-needed funds.

"It's not that I particularly want to do it. I put off the offer for years. It's a little matter of a costly divorce and trying to keep my house and I finally decided I would say yes," she said.

Twink also says she has suffered "sleepless nights" as she tries to save her home from repossession.

"I've been living a nightmare for the past two weeks. I've been awake all hours and not sleeping a wink trying to sort this mess out."

Chloe Agnew, 20, has been a star performer for Celtic Woman  and is one of the most popular band members.