SEX and the City’s Kim Cattrall will head to a new city – Dublin – in the coming weeks, where she’ll spend a chunk of time filming a co-starring part in Sweet Baby Jesus, alongside Bette Midler.

The film is actually set in Maryland, but the interiors will be shot in Ireland.  British starlet Pixie Lott stars as a pregnant hippie who brings her boyfriend home to meet her mother for Christmas.

Set in the 1970s, Midler plays the hippie’s mother, and Cattrall the owner of a B&B whose gossiping leads locals to think that the unborn child is indicative of the second coming of Christ.

Irish locations are currently being scouted by the producers with an eye towards a late July-early August start date. The movie will be pretty much shot in its entirety in Ireland, with only a short shoot scheduled for Maryland.

“When I heard about the film I said ‘I love this, I want to be on board” co-producer John Phelan said.  “And the three ladies are really looking forward to getting started too.”

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