So Susan Boyle has joined the long list of performers who now have their own clothes store online.

The items there are very nice, ranging from pop art to sensible outerwear and copies of the famous red scarf that Susan wears.

But I wonder if it is all becoming too much? Is this the beginning of a slippery slope?

Everywhere we look these days there is another new Susan Boyle app for the followers to snap up.

Believe me, I'm fine with the record sales – she deserves every penny from them. But the latest clothing line strikes me as the beginning of overkill. Susan Boyle is a unique product, one that should not be wallowing in crass commercialism

What we will have next? Cats’ pajamas featuring Pebbles? The site, by the way, is at

I know I'm swimming against the tide here, but Susan was always a unique story, one that gladdened the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Reducing her to a Wal Mart store item is not where I thought she should be.

She is an inspiration, not a check-out item, she is a symbol, not a dollar sign. I hope her backers understand that before they take all this a little too far. Let's not lose sight of the essential Susan Boyle and the inspirational message she represents.

One of the site's Susan Boyle T-shirts