Buachaill is an Irish boxer shorts brand for men all over the world. 

Looking for a stocking filler for the holiday season? Looking for a token Irish gift for the man in your life? Or just want to start your day off by throwing on with some Irish underwear? 

Buachaill boxer shorts are a distinctly Irish boxer short brand offering stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting boxer shorts for men all over the world. They are for men who want to start the day the right way wearing a great pair of boxer shorts.

IrishCentral caught up with their founder Seanán to find out more about our favorite new Irish brand. 

Where did the idea for Irish boxer shorts come from?

Image: Buachaill.

Image: Buachaill.

A few years ago, I bought underwear from Australia and then the next day asked myself “Why am I buying underwear from the other side of the world? I should buy them in Ireland”. After doing some research, I discovered that there was no Irish underwear brand in existence.

I began to research how to make underwear. They cannot be made in Ireland as there are specific sewing machines for underwear that are not in Ireland. I also learned from a fabrics supplier that at one point there were 20,000 people employed in clothes manufacturing in Ireland – now there are about 100. Ireland cannot compete with cheaper Asian countries for clothes manufacturing.

The underwear is designed in Ireland but made in China.

Image: Buachaill.

Image: Buachaill.

The underwear has a very strong Irish identity and that will always be the case. I had to find a suitable Irish name for the brand. Buachaill is the Irish word for boy. Everyone in Ireland knows what “buachaill” means and it has great connotations for a boxer shorts brand – young, masculine, fun, cheeky, sporty, etc.

Inspiration from IKEA

I would like Buachaill to follow the same approach as IKEA. It uses blue and yellow, the colors of the Swedish flag, outside and inside in its stores, it uses Swedish words as names for its products, and it sells Swedish food in its shops and restaurants. Buachaill, as a brand, will always use words in the Irish language as names for the different shorts. The first type that was made is called Bun which means basic or bottom in Irish. Such a name suits, as bun sounds similar to bum and it also hints at the English word bun when people talk about someone having “nice buns.”

Buachaill boxer shorts – ideal for wearing for many occasions

Image: Buachaill.

Image: Buachaill.

Buachaill boxer shorts can be worn for everyday use, for playing sports and going to the gym, for special occasions such as weddings and graduations, and for going out at the weekend. The boxer shorts look good for all occasions. They are well-made, comfortable, stylish-looking, offer the right support, and are durable. Some cheap boxer shorts have all the sex appeal of a wet dishcloth and begin to fall apart after a few wears, but Buachaill boxer shorts are sexy and strong.

Buachaill in the future

If all goes well, the plan is to expand the range of boxer shorts and then to offer more items such as swimwear, socks, hats, and other clothing. The potential for a men's’ clothing brand is limitless.

While the first set of shorts were made in China, the plan would be to manufacture some in Ireland when the right machines are available and it can be done at the right price. There is no doubt that clothes could be manufactured in Ireland as there would be advantages in making products close to home, as well as giving the clothes greater Irish authenticity due to them being made in Ireland.

You can shop from Buachaill or browse their products here.