Irishheart throb Pierce Brosnan ia taking a much-needed break from premiers, interviews and movie making to spend quality time with his wife of many years, Keely Shaye-Smith.

The couple were spotted out taking a stroll together in Malibu, California on Wednesday, March 10.

There is no doubt no matter how busy the "Remember Me" star is he always makes time for family. In the movie, "Remember Me" Pierce plays the role of a father and does so wonderfully.

Our very own Irish '007' is the perfect husband and Keely, you're one lucky woman. I hope you know that. He is every woman's dream.

Pierce's son in "Remember Me", heartthrob Robert Pattinson praises the way Pierce handles stardom.

"Some people were looking over. He went up to them and introduced himself and asked how their evening was going," said Pattinson.

"At the time I was thinking, ''What are you doing?'' but it worked fantastically and I''m sure those people went home and said what a really nice guy he was."

Robert himself has been very public about his issues with trying to deal with fans.