Macaulay Selwood
pictured at Worlds 2012
photo: Nadine Martin
More Thursday results from 2012 British National Irish Dancing Championships:

Macaulay Selwood from Doherty in the Midlands region of England/Wales topped the podium for Boys under 16 at the 2012 British National Irish Dancing Championships Thursday in Manchester, United Kingdom.  Mitchell Hodges, from Carey,  following his win of the North American Irish Dancing Championship in Chicago, Illinois earlier this month, placed second to Selwood,  Hodges placed second at both the All Ireland and World Irish Dancing Championships this year, with Selwood placing third at Worlds.  Sean Downes, from McCutcheon in Scotland, is the 2012 All Ireland and World Irish Dancing Champion for Boys under 16; he did not compete at the British National Irish Dancing Championships.

Patrick McGonigle from Carey, Midlands/Wales is the 2012 British National Irish Dancing Champion for Boys under 8 and Ella Owens from Ceim Oir in Southern England won the Girls under 8 competition.

Boys under 16 (Full results, 11 placements)
Champion Macauley Selwood  Doherty:  Midlands, England/Wales
2 Mitchell Hodges  Carey:  Midlands, England/Wales
3 Fergus Fitzpatrick  Ui She:  Leicester, Ireland
4 Paul McCabe  Montgomer Taylor:  Scotland
5 Niall Forrest  McGahan Lees:  Southern, England
6  Liam Forrest  McGahan Lees:  Southern, England
7 Daniel Bolger  McGahan Lees:  Southern, England
8 Liam Riggall  Hennigan O'Loughlin:  Southern, England
9 Callum Sullivan  Cullen:  Southern, England
10 Denzel Manuel  Kilkenny:  Netherlands
11 Liam Healy  Ceim Oir:  Southern, England

Boys under 8 (full results, 4 placements)
Champion Patrick McGonigle - Carey  Midlands, England/Wales
2 Aidan Watson  Turley:  Midlands, England/Wales
3 Benjamin Hughes-Strange  Alexander Strange:  Northwest, England
4 Michael Dillon  McAteer:  Northwest, England

Girls under 8 (Top 10 results)
Champion Ella Owens - Ceim Oir  Southern, England
2 Sophie Duffy  Smith McCarron:  Ulster, Ireland
3 Caoimhe Devlin  McConomy Bradley: Ulster, Ireland
4 Lexi-Leigh Hutchinson  Kidd:  Midlands, England/Wales
5 Emily Colangelo  McCafferty:  Ulster, Ireland
6 Tegan McConomy  McConomy:  Ulster, Ireland
7 Lily Devaney Fisher  Inis Cara:  Midlands, England/Wales
8 Catherine Tolan  Ui She:  Leicester, Ireland
9 Leigh Murphy  Coleman:  Connaught, Ireland
10 Gemma Sheedy  Flynn O'Kane:  Munster, Ireland

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Congratulations to the champions and to all the dancers who are competing this weekend everywhere!

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