Bridesmaids star Chris O’Dowd made a surprise cameo in the new hit HBO show “Girls” on Sunday night, playing the part of a corporate champ living in Brooklyn.

O’Dowd, who is originally from Roscommon, charmed audiences last year with his portrayal of police officer Nathan Rhodes in the hit movie Bridemaids.

The Irish actor made a guest appearance as a venture capitalist in the hit HBO show, which is set in New York. During the episode O’Dowd’s character tried to hit it off with the female characters Marnie and Jessa . After sending them drinks across the bar he later tries to woo them with tales of his jet setting corporate existence.

“I just feel like I travel so much now, I’m lag proof,” he jokes. “Like I am resistant to jet lag.”

Later he invites the ladies back to his lavish apartment In Brooklyn for a late night drink, where things quickly turn awkward when the girls share a cheeky kiss.

“No more excluding me, Mary Poppins," he shouts at the two ladies after they make out.

When one of the girl accidentally spills wine on his expensive rug, he flips out and delivers a speech about how hard he works.

Watch a clip from O’Dowd’s performance below:

Chris O'Dowd in "Girls"Google Images