Get ready for Halloween with Brian Coldrick’s spooky sketches.

Irish illustrator Brian Coldrick has been gaining traction for his creepy comic book series, “Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories”. His comics are also the perfect spooky treat for Halloween.

Fans of the macabre are flocking to Coldrick’s series online and in print, which he started in April 2015.

“I had wanted to do a continuing webcomic for a while, but I was worried I’d lose interest after starting a story I thought if each installment was a snippet of a different tale I could start afresh each time. It also had the great side effect of leaving much of the story to be decided by the reader. It’s probably the main reason people enjoy the series,” the London-based artist told

To produce his series, he hand draws the characters and then conceptualizes the backgrounds, texture, and animation on Photoshop. In 2017, Coldrick produced a book containing images from the series, which is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

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“Rather than a coherent story, the first step is usually one element. In the early days of the series it might have been a desire to draw a particular kind of creepy monster, but later on, it’s been the setting. A kitchen at night illuminated by a fridge light, or an escalator on the Underground. Sometimes it can be something darker like the loneliness, doubts or anxieties that emerge once no one else is around,” he revealed.

The Dubliner has been producing illustrations since 2003 and is a member of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland.

Ready for a scare? Check out some of Coldrick's work below. His prints can also be purchased on Society6 ...if you dare.

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