Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds will star as a crime fighting duo in their upcoming duo. The gorgeous Irish American duo might seem like an odd pair but the situation will be even stranger as they will both bring their fathers along for the ride.

According to the Hollywood Reporter they are both attached to the untitled action comedy.

They will play San Francisco cops who are forced to work with their Dads, former cops, on a case. The Reporter says the movies is "meant to have an updated "Lethal Weapon" flavor that plays into edgier R-rated territory."

Although this description does sound strange the movie has some highly talented creators and crew behind it already. The script is being penned by "Up in the Air" writer Sheldon Turner and it will be produced by Neal Moritz and Andrew Panay.

Over the summer Reynolds has been shooting "Green Lantern". Next month he will return to our silver screens in the Lionsgate indie thriller "Buried". There have also been rumors that he will star as Deadpool in a Marvel movie which could be directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Cooper has also been busy. This summer he starred as Faceman in the reboot of "The A-Team". Currently he is working on the sequel to the smash hit comedy "The Hangover".  He has also recently finished filming "The Dark Fields" with Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish.

The Reynolds / Cooper collaboration does not have a studio yet. However, the producers are already set up with Sony.