Bradley Cooper has been asked to join the cast of "The Place Beyond the Pines" alongside Ryan Gosling. Derek Cianfrance is putting the movie together and this will reunited him with "Blue Valentine" star the ever intense Ryan Gosling.

According the Variety Gosling will play a professional motorcycle rider who turns to robbing banks to support his new soon. He path soon crosses with that of a rookie cop (Cooper). Their confrontation eventually spirals into a generational feud.

 Cianfrance, who co-wrote the movie with Ben Coccio, said he was inspired by Jack London. He said "I have a film called The Place Beyond the Pines, which is all about fathers and guns, and it has motorcycles and guns in it.

"It’s kind of an epic movie. It takes place over a couple of generations and it’s kind of a crime story, kind of a mystery. I’ve had people tell me they feel like its ‘The Deer Hunter’ meets ‘The Godfather.’"

Distributions rights for the movie will be sold at the upcoming Cannes market. Everything going to plan the movie should start shooting next summer.

Cooper would appear to be a very popular boy these days with his name in the works for Lawrence Kasdan's 'Paradise Lost' and Juan Carlos Frenadillo's reboot of the cult classic "The Crow".



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