Lego, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books and Barbie’s dream house are making a big comeback this Christmas in Ireland according to a new survey. The top toy comebacks of 2010 also include Transformers and fancy paper to swap with your friends.

Mr Potato Head is also seeing a new lease of life following the “Toy Story” movies. Even the traditional wooden rocking house and bags of marbles are making a comeback according to the research carried out by Denny.

Adults were asked which of their favorite childhood TV shows they would like to see make a comeback. “Bosco” made it to the top of the list followed by “Saved by the Bell”, “Captain Planet”, “Fraggle Rock”, “He-man”, “Care Bears”, “My Little Pony”, “Alf”, “Byker Grove” and “Fun House”.

According to the research Ireland’s retro trends are mirroring those taking place in the U.S. and Australia.