Bono has announced that he is ready to get back on the road with U2’s “360 Tour” having recovered from emergency spinal surgery.

In a video issued on the U2 website Bono said “I can sit, stand, move around a bit. I'm feeling strong, feeling confident and ready. He joked “I've been rebuilt by German engineering.”

The front man underwent emergency surgery in Munich, Germany, back in May but he is now fit enough to begin plans for the completion of his tour. He was forced to take two months rest after emergency surgery for compression of the sciatic nerve, a serious ligament tear and a herniated disc.

Fans in the United States will have to wait until next summer to see U2 while the European leg of the tour is scheduled to start in August.

In the video, filmed by Larry Mullins, Bono apologized to his fans for the tour cancellation, which was inevitable, after he suffered temporary paralysis.

Bono spoke about the trauma of the injury and the shock of being bedridden. He said the injury “was not a lot of fun for me”.

"It happened the day after my birthday and I was staring at the ceiling, which has some advantages, forced indolence -- we got some great songs."
"I actually wanted to apologize for the trouble that this injury has put you all through. Those of you who bought tickets, organized hotels, travel plans, it's a very big deal. People go to a lot of trouble to get U2 tickets and we don't take that for granted."

The video showed a side to the U2 that many were happy to see. A relaxed group of old friends, joking and rehearsing together before they hit the road to complete “360 Tour”.