U2 lead singer Bono came in fourth in Forbes latest list of Hollywood's most influential people.

Topping of the poll is Oprah Winfrey, who can turn a book into a best seller and or promote a movie to be a box-office hit by just the mention of it on her TV show.

Forbes used E-Poll Market Research to rank more than 5,000 celebrities on 46 different personality traits to categorize how influential they are.

Winfrey topped the charts because of her diverse workload from television, radio, film, publishing and producing Broadway shows.

Number two on the list is Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and ranking in at number three is another talk show host, Dr. Oz.

The U2 frontman comes in a close fourth. Bono, who is famous for his chart topping albums and sold-out concerts, has also in recent years become known and admired for his activism work throughout the world.

Bono, who was granted honorary knighthood by the Queen of England and nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, continues to outclass himself as he fervently works on behalf of the poor nations of the world.


Bono from the Irish band U2