Want to get a big fill of Irish celebrities? Then head north to Toronto next month for the city's annual film fest which will be taken over by a host of Irish stars this year.

Where do we start? We told you recently that Irish actor/director Stuart Townsend will premiere his new film Battle in Seattle which stars his Oscar winning girlfriend Charlize Theron, but Stu will hardly be short of a few Irish friends to hang with.

Bono is planning to attend the fest as well, seeing as he's got a featured part in the film Across the Universe, directed and written by Julie Taymor, who Bono has teamed with to bring a musical version of Spiderman to Broadway.

The film is described as a "groundbreaking movie musical" using 30 songs from the Beatles era in the 1960s. It also stars Evan Rachel Wood and Eddie Izzard, and is set in locales as diverse as Liverpool, Detroit and Vietnam. Bono appears as a psychedelic guru called Dr. Robert.

Colin Farrell will head to the Maple Leaf city to promote his starring role in the new Woody Allen film Cassandra's Dream. An Irish-made film called Closing the Ring, which stars Mischa Barton and Shirley MacLaine, will also have its stars parading the red carpet. The World War II film was made in Belfast, and directed by Sir Richard Attenborough, so it has all the hallmarks of a hit.

Oscar winning Irish director and screenwriter Neil Jordan will take the wraps off his new offering, a thriller called The Brave One. It stars double Oscar winner Jodie Foster, who plays a woman badly wounded in a horrible attack which also leaves her fiance dead.

Terry George, the Belfast-born Oscar nominated filmmaker, will showcase his movie Reservation Road, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and Jennifer Connelly. The film, directed and co-written by George, revolves around the lives of two fathers whose lives converge over the death of a child. It opens in limited release in the U.S. on October 18.

Meanwhile, if Canada's a bit too far to travel to see Bono, he's due in Philadelphia on September 27 to receive the Liberty Medal.

"The prestigious Liberty Medal, and its accompanying $100,000 prize, will recognize Bono's groundbreaking work in raising awareness about and spurring a global response to the crisis of AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa," according to a press release. The ceremony takes place at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.